Glossary of Terms

Let’s keep these between us - they’re not inside jokes if you share them…

Bota Box:  sponsor-in-courting and bulk creative go-go juice


fucks given count: sometimes we swear, but only if it enhances the creative process (Hi, Becca’s mom!)


imposter syndrome:  when kickass people doing kickass things feel like they’re big fat frauds who don’t deserve to be here. We’re here to debunk this garbage.


one big thing:  by the end of every episode, we commit to doing “one big thing” to move the creative process forward - and we challenge you to do the same


poop friends:  friends who stick with you through the good and the bad - they understand your struggle, shitty first drafts, and of course, poop jokes


social impotence:  when you just can’t possibly talk to another fucking person. Parties are not happening.


suck it, Tim St. John!:  one of our most favorite poop friends! Before Episode 1 was in the can, TSJ predicted that Mal would have the most fucks given. He was wrong - she has continued to restrain herself out of principle (after all, she’s a fucking lady).


turds:  mini episodes from Amma, Becca, Mal, and Sue. They’re our version of “shitty first drafts,” raw and unscripted. our first choice of domain name, which is currently home to Walter Collins’ bathroom renovation pictures. Feel free to send us cash donations to support our long time dream of purchasing this site.