Who are The Imposters?

From left to right, in comic form: Amma, Becca, a poop friend, Mal & Sue

How did this nonsense get started?

Like all wonderful ideas, this podcast started with a group text, escalated to Google Hangouts with wine and evolved into time spent slightly tipsy with stomach cramps from laughing too much. Soon after hanging out for a few weeks, the girl gang decided that they wanted to record their conversations and figured, what the hell, why not share them? The Imposters Podcast was born. 

The Imposters 

Mallory Bower

Mallory Bower is a writer in transition and a career coach who sometimes needs coaching. She’s a beer and cheese enthusiast and an old millennial who won’t apologize for her avocado consumption. She’s forever trying to find a way to be a stay at home dog mom. She’s free but she’s focused, she’s green but she’s wise.

Sue Caulfield

Sue Caulfield is a maker, most commonly known for telling stories with pictures and not words. When she’s not training doctors of tomorrow, she can be found at her favorite coffee shop, going on foodventures with her better half, and convincing her three best galfriends to record their hilarious, creative, messy lives to share with the world. (You can get to know her favorite crunchy snacks by catching up on seasons 1 & 2.)

Becca Fick

Becca (Fick*) Altimier is a writer, reader, and explorer. She’s the only extrovert in the group and frequently references the friends she knows from the internet, including this bunch of brilliant ladies. She loves untangling knotted necklaces, unjumbling Christmas lights, and generally sorting out chaos into something a bit prettier and more organized.  Yoga and running with her handsome mutt Conrad balance out her love of wine and charcuterie. *She’s also very recently married and still changing her name in about a bajillion places.

Amma Marfo

Amma Marfo, like Alexander Hamilton before her, writes a lot of things down and says what she thinks. Also like Alexander Hamilton, she truly hopes it doesn’t get her shot. Her saying things comes in the form of her speaking career, three books, writing online for outlets like Pacific Standard and The Interrobang, and budding career in comedy - that last one was largely on a dare set forth by her fellow podcasters. She divides her time between Boston and airport terminals worldwide.